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Phrasal Verbs and Advanced Vocabulary

If your English grammar is upper-intermediate or advanced level, and you want to learn English phrasal verbs, idioms & vocabulary, the Practical Everyday English self-study English conversation book is the best book you can buy.

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Is the book for you?

Practical Everyday English is perfect for upper-intermediate and advanced level students and speakers of English as a foreign language whose English grammar is already good, but who want to improve their standard of English conversation. It will be particularly useful if you belong to one of the following groups:

Phrasal verbs list from the Practical Everyday series Phrasal Verbs and idioms with "to get" that feature in the Practical Everyday series
  • Residents of English speaking countries.
  • Business people who have regular contact with English speaking clients and providers of services.
  • Translators and interpreters.
  • Non-native English language teachers who wish to improve their English conversation comprehension and fluency.
  • Anybody with good basics in English grammar who wishes to increase their knowledge of phrasal verbs, English idioms and advanced vocabulary simply for their own pleasure.

Practical Everyday English is not designed for children, beginners or lower-intermediate level students, who are not yet ready to learn advanced English conversation. But they will be one day, and Practical Everyday English will then be perfect for them to continue learning English.