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Apprendre l'anglais de tous les jours à un niveau avancé

Découvrez combien d'étudians d'anglais de niveaux intermédiaire supérieur et avancé apprécient Practical Everyday English. Ils se sont tous rendus compte de leurs progrès en anglais courant, phrasal verbs et vocabulaire anglais.

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Témoignages & critiques sur 'Practical Everyday English'

Commentaires des lecteurs d'Amazon sur la dernière version du livre:

Absolutely PERFECT! Even if you live in a non-english speaking country! If you struggle to understand films and native speakers talking to teach other, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!
Until now I've studied 5 chapters of this book and listened every day at least once the audio lesson. It's really focused on the words native speakers use in their everyday life. Before this book, I used to understand 50-60% of films, british soaps, etc. Now, it's about 80-90%. Great improvement, uh?

Rodrigo Albuquerque, 10 Mar 2010 (amazon.co.uk reviewer)

Fantastic book for foreign speakers. This is a fantastic book for foreign speakers of English who already have good basics. When I came to England from Italy my grammar wasn't too bad, but I Had to cope with many idioms and phrasal verbs and English has such a huge vocabulary. I got totally fed up sitting bored in English language schools and I didn't need exams. And then I found this book Practical Everyday English. After reading the first two chapters, I began to recognise more expressions and with constant practice I really improved. This new version has a CD which I have found very useful because they speak really quickly, just like in real life. This book has saved me a lot of money in English classes. Advanced students don't need lessons… just this amazing book.

G. Cucchiara, (London, U.K.) 17 Jun 2008

Excellent book for speaking English well. My wife already had good English but since using this book I have noticed a big improvement in her comprehension when with friends and her everyday vocabulary is much more natural. This is a great book if you want to really improve your everday English.

Mr. S. G. Grant, (England) 16 Jun 2008

Commentaires des lecteurs d'Amazon sur la version précédente du livre:

Fantastic book! I find this book very useful because I was able to find the reasons why English people used some words which I did not understand at that time. When I read this book lot of things are explained in a simple language. As someone from Poland I find this book fantastic to use and learn English vocabulary and phrases from. I will strongly recommend this book for someone from abroad who would like to learn English. Fantastic book.
The above review is the comment form my wonderful Polish friend to whom I suggested this book. I agree with her reviews. Its really a fantastic book.

"Ken the teaman", (Europe) 14 March 2008

From shy to outgoing. For those of you who wanted to talk English but couldn't because words did not come out, take this piece of advise: buy it. When I moved to England I knew "the basics" but I could not use it becuase I did not know when, how… I turned to a very shy guy. With this book everything got back in place (without dictionaries)… I could do presentations, enjoy the british culture itself. And everything while riding the tube, taking a bus or watching TV. You will improve by leaps and bounds.

Jose Raul Mata Caliz, (Washington, DC) 3 Mar 2006

If English is a foreign language for you, look no further! For Foreign English Speakers (students and and those who want to improve their skills without taking classes) this book should be advertised as one of those miraculous medicines that ensure a remedy for almost anything. This is my personal opinion and I am sure that once you have discovered it, you will agree. I had reached a point in which I felt "sick" and tired of being stuck despite my efforts, did not matter how much I spoke, how much I read, progress came very, very slow; well, here the solution was, it works!! you will get to the next stage with this book, with its expressions, with its method of teaching; It is simple and effective. I am sure that if you use it systematically even native speakers will be impressed by your progress!

José, (Madrid, Spain) 26 Feb 2006

Very handy. I find Everyday English by Steve Collins absolutely amazing. It is astonishingly well designied tutorial of the language English people speak.
First of all the book contains hundreds of expresions that come in very handy in everyday life, thus it turns out to be a real treasure for everyone who fancy the language and is ambitious enough to have a go at communicating on a native speakers' level. What is more, excellent examples are given to every single expression, which makes putting them into action significantly easier.
At last, but definitely not the least, since new idioms are consequently repeated throughout the book, memorising them becomes virtually effortless.
I am not a native speaker, and obviously I will never be, but having read the book I strongly believe that using the language in a way native speakers do is to a certain extent possible.

Zibi, (Poland) 4 Dec 2005

The best book on idiomatic English I have ever read. The examples in this book helped me "get to grips with" every day idioms and phrasal verbs. Nearly all of them contain words or expressions that have been taught on earlier pages. This meant that I was continually reminded of the words I had studied and I now find it much easier to converse with English-speaking people. My comprehension of spoken English has improved dramatically. I can't wait for the next book.

"A Customer" 27 Jun 2000