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Advanced Vocabulary, Idioms & Expresssions

Download the first chapter of High Level Everyday English and improve your understanding of phrasal verbs and advanced vocabulary.

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Free dialogue sample from High-Level Everyday English

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Chapter One in Use


Some people say that public transport, as we know it, has had its heyday., and that instead of sitting around moping and whingeing, politicians, many of whom ought to have stepped down years ago, should take the bull by the horns and opt out of public ownership altogether.

Let’s face it: the system as it exists today is a complete farce and is doomed to even more delays and overcrowding. But is the Government right to keep plugging the private investment option, which appears to be a knee-jerk reaction to the public transport problems we had last Christmas? In the wake of recent financial and administrative disasters, privatisation of the national railways has sparked a public backlash against multinational companies investing in transport.

London should be at the cutting edge of modern Europe and it is crucial that the widening gulf that exists between this city and other European capitals should be addressed. In particular, the Government needs to look into the possibility of launching a new funding policy for London Underground without overlooking the blunders that have been made in other areas of national transport.They should not be deterred by the failure of previous governments.


PETER: I don’t know about you but I’ve had a gruelling day...and I nearly lost it with a few annoying clients.

COLIN: Yes, I know how you feel. I almost gave one of the youngsters in the office a dressing-down but thought better of it. Being a solicitor is a mug’s game.Why do we do it?

PETER: The money! Look, my best friend’s an English teacher and he’s totally skint.Yes, I crave more time with my family, and if I had the gift of the gab, I’d be in real estate, but deep down I’d be quite wary of changing my profession so late in life...when I’m beginning to lose my marbles.

COLIN: Well, I suppose I’m always doing the legal profession down and I sometimes forget that being made a partner has turned my life around from a financial point of view...and I still get a buzz out of mugging up on certain specialist areas of the law.

PETER: And let’s be honest: all this stuff people come out with about money not being important and that capitalism should be banished to the history books is utter nonsense.They keep very tight-lipped when their own promotion comes up for discussion.

COLIN: All very true...but nevertheless, I can’t wait to call it a day and retire to Spain.

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The dialogue is from page 12.

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