English Pronunciation

English pronunciation is difficult and not always logical. The best book to help you is

Get rid of your accent: The English Pronunciation and Speech Training Manual

The best book on English pronunciation

Improving or changing your English pronunciation is a very difficult task and it requires teachers with specialist knowledge and experience to help you. This excellent book is written by two such experts: Linda James and Olga Smith. It fully deserves to be the bestseller that it is. You do need to follow the course right to the end. Don’t give up, be patient.

If you would like to improve your English grammar

Click on the book below to read about a great handbook for upper-intermediate and advanced students

Everyday English Grammar

This upper-intermediate level handbook of 25 essential English constructions will provide you with a much deeper understanding of things you may already know, but are not quite sure how to use. It is not a reference book, but a five-week self-study course. This book is very helpful for the writing sections of CFC, IELTS and TOEFL exams.