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Phrasal Verbs and Advanced Vocabulary

English conversation skills are essential for students of the English language to obtain.

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Understand English conversation with phrasal verbs

English conversation

English conversation between native English speakers can be very difficult to understand, even for those students of English who have reached a high level. The problem with English is that it has such a wide vocabulary, much of which is idiomatic. Most people living in non-English speaking countries do not get the opportunity to practise their English with mother-tongue English speakers, and even those who do live in the English speaking world are often too busy working or don't have the confidence to socialise in English.

PRACTICAL EVERYDAY ENGLISH with Audio CD - ISBN 978-0-9528358-2-0

Don't get depressed about English conversation!

If you already have a good level of English, you can improve your comprehension of English conversation, phrasal verbs and idioms with the book:
Practical Everyday English by Steven Collins.

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This is the best book on English conversation and phrasal verbs I've ever read. When I'm in the UK, I never go anywhere without it.

Mr Collins's books cover exactly the gap that foreigners still have to cross in order to pass from just grammatically correct English to real daily English conversation.