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Phrasal Verbs and Advanced Vocabulary

How much of a real English conversation can you understand? Phrasal verbs, English expressions and English idioms are used by everyone in daily spoken English and are all in the book, Practical Everyday English.

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Author: Steven Collins

Is your English conversation as
good as this?

Read the role play below to test your knowledge of advanced English conversation.

At the Post Office:

Clerk: Hi Mrs Johnson, I haven't seen you for ages. What have you been up to?

Mrs Johnson: Bringing up three screaming kids and putting up with a nagging husband. I could really do with a week on my own… and then I could get down to sorting myself out.

Clerk: I know how you feel. We all need time to gather our thoughts and escape from the relentless stress of our daily lives.

Mrs Johnson: Oh dear. You sound worse than me.

Clerk: Not really… You should know by now that you must take everything I say with a pinch of salt… Now what can I do for you today?

Mrs Johnson: Well, I must get these parcels off to Australia before Christmas. What's the quickest way?

Clerk: You can send it by Swiftair. It guarantees three day delivery… but it'll work out more expensive than the run of the mill postal service.

Mrs Johnson: Yes I know, but it has to be done so I might as well go for it.

Clerk: Fine…but you'd better get a move on. Last post leaves at 12.30.

We would now like to ask you two further questions:

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Author: Steven Collins

  1. Can you understand all the phrasal verbs and other useful advanced English vocabulary in these passages?
  2. Would you be able to use these expressions and phrasal verbs naturally in an everyday English conversation?

If the answer to either of these questions is 'no', then we believe Practical Everyday English can be of great help to you.