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Phrasal Verbs and Advanced Vocabulary

Practical Everyday English. The best self-study English conversation and phrasal verb book for advanced students of English.

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Which is the best book for advanced British English conversation?
Book 1: Practical Everyday English

Amazon reviews

I've been using this book for the last 7 years now with both Intermediate and Advanced students and just couldn't do without. This has helped me immensely get outstanding results ! It has been a real godsend !

By Amazon Customer on 27th November 2015

This book is really really good, there's an audio cd which helps improving your listening and the list of phrasal verbs is great. I like the fact that keeps using the previous phrasal verbs for every example tense which explain the current you're looking for.

By Samuele on 31st August 2015

Practical everyday english book
Book 1
Phrasal verbs list from the Practical Everyday series Phrasal Verbs and idioms with "to get" that feature in the Practical Everyday series

The Practical Everyday English book is specifically designed for foreign students of English who already have a good grammatical basis in the language. Unlike a dictionary, this book actually teaches you how and when to use the words by giving true-to-life examples, entertaining dialogue and useful exercises.

Free dialogue sample and Chapter one
Book 1: Practical Everyday English